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Meet the most affordable Nest thermostat yet. It offers energy-saving features, remote control, and a flexible schedule, all at a lower price. Its design is beautifully simple, with a mirrored finish. And it’s compatible with 85% of 24V systems, including 2H/1C or 1H/2C conventional and heat pump systems.

Dimensions and weight 

3.3 inches in diameter 

Diameter: 3.3 in (84 mm) 

Depth: 1.07 in (27.25 mm) 

Weight: 4.9 oz (139 g) 








Crisp LCD and mirrored glass lens 

2.4-inch QVGA IPS liquid crystal display (240 x 320 pixels) with digital brightness enhancement film and mirrored glass lens  


Motion, temperature, humidity,  capacitive touch, ambient light 


Power From HVAC wiring and batteries

Primary power 

From HVAC system wires 

Battery backup 

2 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries 

Power consumption 

Less than 1 kWh/month 

802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) Wi-Fi 


802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz, 802.11a/n 5 GHz  Wi-Fi 

Wireless interconnect 

Bluetooth Low Energy 802.15.4 @ 2.4 GHz 

Compatibility  Works with 85% of 24V systems 

The Nest Thermostat works with most  24V heating and cooling systems,  including furnaces, air conditioners,  boilers, and heat pumps with either  forced air or radiant delivery. 

It works with conventional systems that have one stage of heating and cooling and a second stage of either heating or cooling.   

It works with heat pumps that have one stage of heating and cooling and either aux or emergency heat.  

And it works with HVAC fans.   

The Nest Thermostat is designed to work if your home doesn’t have a common (“C”) wire. In some cases, particularly if you have a heating- or cooling-only system or use a zone controller, a C wire or other power-supply accessory may be  necessary. See for  details. 

Multi-zone control  Works with multi-zone systems  Works with multi-zone systems (one thermostat required per zone). 

Voice control 

Works with Hey Google and........  

Works with Hey Google and Alexa.  


Voice control requires a compatible  device. 

Accessories (sold separately) 

Trim Kit 

Trim plate 

Covers cosmetic wall imperfections that may be left behind when an old  thermostat is removed (optional). 

Steel plate 

Required if your thermostat is installed on an electrical box. 


1-year standard warranty 



Components made with PCR materials 

Post-consumer recycled materials 

All plastic components are made with  49% post-consumer recycled materials. 


Learn more about Nest’s sustainability  initiatives at  






What’s in the box 

Thermostat display 


Mounting screws and labels 

Quick start card 

Welcome guide 

Safety and warranty 



Compatible HVAC system 

Wi-Fi internet connection 

Phone or tablet (iOS or Android) 

Google Home app 



ENERGY STAR® certified  thermostat. 

The Nest Thermostat’s energy-saving  features earned an ENERGY STAR® from the EPA.  

ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.